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Neck Wrap Sunflowers Heat/Cold Pack  (8 Section U Shape)

Neck Wrap Sunflowers Heat/Cold Pack (8 Section U Shape)

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All our Heat/cold packs are made in by us using Designer on trend 100% cotton fabrics and are filled with locally grown lupins.

They are packed full of benefits
- Wheat Free
- Odour Free so you can relax and not have that lingering smell like wheat does
- Chemical Free
- Doesn't sweat when heated so you wont get that wet feeling!
- Lighter than wheat and retains heat longer
- Can be placed in the freezer as a cold pack
- keeps you warm in winter or cool in summer

This heat pack is our Neck Wrap which has been designed to sit nicely on your neck and shoulders & sectioned into 8 segments so that you receive an even heat. Use this pack hand free so you can still get on with your daily activities

Heating and cooling instructions are provided with your purchase so you can get the safest and best benefit from your pack